Sex & Pink Socks

Occasionally, a woman may need to bite her tongue.  Although that may sound like a kinky sex tip, it isn’t — but I’ll get to that in a minute.  First, let me give you a little background on the Pink Sock Situation. I was in Egypt right before all hell broke loose in January 2011.  While cruising down the Nile (the only major river in the world that flows to the north), my husband and I sent off seven days worth of dirty socks and a couple other items to be washed.  We were traveling light: five people for three … Continue reading

Vampires & Vice

Have you read those headlines that warn: Porn Destroys Marriages or Romance Novels Ruin Relationships? I saw this article on porn addiction and after I stopped laughing about the “how to get them to stop” part, I got to wondering why women don’t find porn as compelling as men.  That got me to wondering why women find romance novels so irresistible (and men mostly don’t). Let me give you the disclaimers first: Too much of just about anything can destroy a relationship: too much bowling, too much shopping, too much snoring.  I don’t happen to believe that porn or romance novels are innately evil, but they can give … Continue reading